The Teens Love The Strokes

Oh yeah… did I forget to mention that The Strokes have made it into the glossy pages of Teen People? Feb 2002. Josh Hartnett on the cover (with a scary pull-out… of Josh, not The Strokes). The story? “Punk Rises Again.” Page. 78.. part of the “Rock Report.”

Horrifyingly enough… Pete Yorn is also in the issue.

Other musical terror in the issue? “Neogarage Punk: The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Vue.” Jimmy Eat World is NOT A NEW BAND… and Beck + Coldplay does NOT EQUAL Cake! and is BRMC “Post-post-punk”???

Music of the Moment: Scary soap-opera music of co-worker…. “Candy” (en francais), Ash.