Office Music WARZ: Part 2

OK… wanna hear what just happened approximately 30 minutes ago? Sarwat keeps egging me on, that I should just play my own music just to piss co-worker off. I start slowly, and then he starts playing his louder… so when he leaves I put mine louder… etc. etc. I try hard not to hysterically laugh. I call up David, and make him listen to what is going on in the office.

It gets really bad. It’s very LOUD. I’m playing The Strokes, he’s playing some weird kind of funk jazz you’d hear on CD101.5 or something.

He comes in and goes, “Can you turn that down?”

I say, “No.”

I don’t think he was expecting me to say that.

I was like, “No, can you turn yours down?”

He had this look like “WTF?” on his face. Then he says, “This is MY office.” (Which it isn’t)

I go, “I was playing music before and you just put yours on…”

He was like, “You weren’t even HERE!”

I was like, “I left for a second.”

He was like, “No, not a second, 15 minutes.”

Now granted, the music WAS on… but no one else was in the room when I turned it on and left the room.

I was like “whatever.”

He turned his music off, and I played The Strokes on low. I didn’t even want to listen to it at that point, but it was just the principle.