Wrath of the Pete Yorn Fans

Aw. I was laughing good-humorously this morning after checking out a refer. It looks like I’ve run into some hardcore Yorn fans. Oh, and FYI… I’m not in art school, but I am a hipster. How do you know if you’re a hipster, everyone? You call other people hipsters.

But anyway, it’s nice that you guys took time out to scrutinize my taste. Kisses.

Question of the day: Am I too harsh on Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams? Is it the overgrown dark hair and guitars in hand that throws me off, or is it just the lack of inspiriational songwriting? Hmmm….

Rough Trade went crazy with their Top 100 list. Vincent Gallo?!? I’m sorry…. ::looks around confused:: I still don’t get it.