The Kiss of Death for Ryan Adams

Sorry buddy, People Magazine just put you down as “Set to Sizzle in 2002.”

Taking bootlegging to a new level… getting the artist to actually sign away their souls for free promotion. Yow. Makes you want to re-think going to Irving Plaza, no one’s telling me if I’m being freakin’ recorded!

And wait a minute- did an official US Gov’t statement really say anyone harboring bin Laden is, “Out of their mind”? Yeeessss. Classy. These artist’s rendering of bin Laden sans beard? All this reporting on “bin Laden might be dead… or he might not…” is just ridiculous. We’re living in a totally bizzare, Wag the Dog world.

The word of the day is…cacophony… please use when describing The White Stripes.

I missed it the first time, but this explains a lot… like what’s the point of electronic music, video art and other “artsy fartsy” genres.

And I don’t think the Hives “sound New York” at all. What do these British people know anyway?