Niko Hits the ‘City

Jen called at noon from downstairs. I totally forgot she was stopping by to drop something off. I staggered down to the lobby in my pajamas… then when I was going back up, I saw that on the cover of Univercity had The Strokes. Nikolai did the interview. The questions they asked are pretty dumb. His answers are all no longer than two sentences. Bless. The only confusing part was when this happened:

UNIVERCITY: Are you going to be playing “New York City Cops” live?

FRAITURE: Yeah. Not in New York City, but in other cities. Before we play it we explain the situation, and most of the people seem to want to hear it.

::looks around:: Now, uh… correct me if I’m wrong, but I could have SWORN I saw “NYCC” played TWICE in New York City post-Sept 11. Yeah… I don’t know what went wrong though. And when was the last time Julian explained a song other than saying, “This is one of our favorites”?? Now anyone who reads that article w/out any prior knowledge of the band is going to think they are tools. But then again, who reads Univercity anyway?

But FYI:

UNIVERCITY: What about the album cover? The international version has a sexy woman on it, but the one for the U.S. is different?

FRAITURE: Well, the one that was released in the rest of hte world had to be done a lot quicker, so we chose that one. Colin Lane is a really good photographer friend of ours, and that’s his girlfriend. She was in a bunch of pictures that he’d done. We thought it was a nice picture, so we chose that because we had to do it quickly.

Then, we were in an airport in Australia and Julian was looking through a book and found the American release picture. He showed it to use and we all thought it was a better cover.

Look- There’s something really wrong with this whole interview… I’m not saying anything, I’m not going to ask questions. I’m just reporting what I read.