Nardwuar Dares the Strokes to Smell the Glove

Oh this is so cute. John Cameron Mitchell is one of Rolling Stone‘s “People of the Year.”

Woah. This interview with The Strokes is messed up. Is anyone under the suspicion that Julian is drunk? Is this interviewer drunk? Am I drunk? Yes. Is it because the interviewer is Canadian? Yes. Why does he keep screaming, “SMELL THE GLOOOOOVEE!!!!” ?

Some highlights?

Q: Nick, are cheekbones important?
A: No… they’re secondary…

Nick: Look at it from Morrisey’s point of view…

Q: There’s the Turkish bath house… that’s where you met?

Interviewer: I take everything about The Strokes seriously.

Interviewer: Don’t go away, Nick!!
Nick: I’m not going away.

Interviewer: Have you met Paul Gallagher? HE’S the ASSHOLE!

Nick: “Don’t touch my fucking guitar ever again”

Interviewer: There’s Television… there’s the VU.. there’s………. SPACEHOG!

There’s more, but I’m too lazy to type. Rock on Nardwuar!