Ryan Adams Loses a Fan

From a White Stripes list:

Saw Ryan Adams this weekend, a sold out show, big theater…show highlights included: excruciating 25-minute guitar jams that SUCKED, ryan swearing at and taunting the audience, strenuously arguing the point that he is NOT a poser and that he makes more money than any of us in the audience …lengthy delays between songs for no apparent reason other than the fact that ryan was “so stoned, man” …this was all very annoying but here was the final insult…he played “dead leaves and the dirty ground” with the lyrics changed to include slurs against both meg and jack, that “meg white can do me any way she wants” and that “jack white better watch out when ryan comes to town” and other obnoxious crap about him making more money than jack white, having a big limo, bla bla bla. it was beyond the realm of the put-down, it was a total insecurity-fest. very sad and ugly display. and as a (former) r. adams fan, i’m still pissed.

Now it’s officially cool to not like Ryan Adams… like it was 4 months ago… and then 2 months ago… and every so often and always and never….again.

Thinking about The Strokes?

Last night I was talking about how much I miss London. But I don’t (but I do). I love New York more and more every day.

And on a closing note, don’t you love how the definition of “art” is really broad? Yeah, my apartment? I’ve decided it’s the newest thing in “live-in-art.” Come visit.