There’s No Question Mark In “Is This It”

Finally watching the Coldplay “Request” bit on M2. Guy and Jonny mutter nothing. Jonny’s wearing the ugly green hat, and Guy is wearing his brown one. The one I was looking at when I told him to cut his hair. Aaah. Takes me back to… last week! (Was that really only last week? Damn.)

I’m a little disturbed by people who list Starsailor, “Lullaby” and Incubus, “Wish You Were Here” as two tunes they are listening to, but I’ll let it go for now.

Other things, like people putting a QUESTION MARK in the title of “Is This It” pisses me off to no end. Get it right, dude.

Look at me- Watching “Pagan Poetry” on M2 makes me want to whip out the ol’ (free) Verspertine.

British Sea Power. Not just for sailors and seamen. What do you think? I’m giving it one yawn.

Oh man, Trash is spinning “Danger! (High Voltage)” (love the Jack White. Worship the Jack). They’ve even got the Yeah Yeah Yeahs spinning in room 2. Uh HUH. It sort of disturbs me that their playlists mimic my own.

They just got Guy to say “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.” I forget- OK, I don’t forget, that Guy is Scottish. Yes.

Oh no. I’m 55% British, just like
Hugh Grant.
. I forgot Americans drink beer cold. How odd. My favorite question? “19) If you stole and old lady’s bag and ran past a policeman what is he most likely to shout? A) Stop or I’ll shoot! B) Stop or I’ll shout ‘STOP’ again! ”

And oh yes.. I’m Piet Mondrian’s Composition A!

And look- The Modern Age in Cockney. Suprisingly not far off from how I usually speak!

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