WTF? “Coldplay and Co.”????

From some mailing list:


Don’t miss the chance to watch

Chris and co. host MTV2’s

Request Show all this week at 11AM and 11PM.

Dude- why the f*ck is it “Chris and co.”? They HAVE names. F*kit. Jonny, Will, Chris… (and Guy?) I miss you guys.

Ew. The ‘phonics were at Letterman today. Ew.

Speaking of musical anomalies… Saves the Day. Someone explain? I keep asking… Ok.. ok.. I dance around when “At Your Funeral” comes on. Oh my god. I just looked at their website. They actually NICKNAME themselves “STD.” They need a good ass-kicking just for that. Freaking dumbasses! These emo kids need to be hurt. As tempting as it is to go back to the Vanderbilt to see them on the 19th, I have better things to do… like stare at the walls and not study for Shakespeare.