Starsailor’s First New York Gig: Bowery Ballroom

Starsailor tonight at Bowery…

James fucking sang “New York, New York” by Ryan Adams… I was like “Why does this sound familiar…?? OH NO! R. Adams!!!” I held my head in my hands. The limeys “wooHooo”ed.

There were plenty of ex-pats tonight. They were shouting stuff about Chorley… about tea (James had 4 cups brought out.. he only drank 2)… and Irish people. Actually, some Irish guy was shouting in the audience, and then James goes, “My girlfriend is Irish, actually…” Then he did an impression of her Irish mother, “What are you doing with that boy in the band? Why don’t you get yourself a nice Catholic boy. From downtown?”

The set was relatively short. Only 11 songs on the set list. (If you count “NY, NY” then 12… but he only sang the chorus and the first verse, then kicked into Good Souls.)

The set lists were written on Krispy Kreme boxes. Mine has icing on it… Barry also stomped out his cigarette on it.

James said his voice was a “bag of crap.” “It’s the record company’s fault… they’re working us too hard… Bastards.”

James said “mother fucker” druring… “Good Souls,” was it? BTW- “Good Souls” is amazing live. I always though Fever was my song, but “GS” was the highlight of the night, definitely. They rocked that puppy out.

James was wearing “Walsh” shoes. I wonder if Andy from Travis has Dunlops.

Starsailor on Conan tomorrow