Random Coldplay and Ronan Keating Gossip

Chris is such a dork. I wonder if he still fancies Hilary from JJ72.

You know I wanted to shout out, “SING SOME NELLY FURTADO!” during the CP show, but I resisted.

Remember fan zines? They still exist.

Quote of the day from Mark of JJ: “I’m Mark from JJ72 and I play guitar and I sing–or scream.”

Awww yeah… From Billboard:

Irish vocalist Ronan Keating and U.S. teen vocalist Mandy Moore will
co-host the inaugural MTV Asia Awards Feb. 2 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Billboard Bulletin reports. World Wrestling Federation star the Rock will also serve as a guest host along with other Asian hosts and presenters yet to be announced. MTV is billing the event as Asia’s biggest music awards show ever. Keating is nominated for international
favorite male artist.

Music of the Moment: “Danger! High Voltage,” Wildbunch w/ Jack White