JJ72’s Mark Greaney Doesn’t Really Care for Coldplay

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Fab, Ryan, and Albert

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Dude- catch these quotes from Fergal and Mark of JJ72 from Leeds 2000… oh the irony! Who do these little Irish punks think they are? Notice how Chris didn’t mention JJ72 once through either set in NY? Yeah… Will Coldplay ever tour with a band that they like and who likes them? Oh wait- CP and Alfie seemed to get along great… last night at Brixton they played a song together. Lovely jubly!:

Q: Anyone in particular that you�d like to slag off?

Fergal: I’d just like to slag off a lot of that crap music that’s going around at the moment. I mean, the stage that we’re on (Evening Session); it’s a bit scary the amount of bad bands that are playing on there.

Mark: And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead are good. We saw bits of them. I mean the number of bands that we’re meant to be running alongside are just behind us. Coldplay, Doves, Badly Drawn Boy, etc; none of them really interest me. We formed this band because of Nirvana. We didn’t form this band because of indie stuff. We’re thinking more like full on Rock music. Give me the Smashing Pumpkins any day over any of these other bands. I’m not saying that we�re better than them. I don’t know. But I do like my rock.

Why don’t they didn’t play “High Speed” live? I love that song.

before they let themselves go

Look… aww.. CP before they let themselves go all gross and dirty. But actually, I think Jonny’s gone and lost a bit of weight.

I want The Music to come to the US. Please?

Look, a new music resource for searching… thanks Google!

Music of the Moment:911,” Gorillaz/ D12