Love Lost for the Moldy Peaches

I’m so fickle. Moldys tonight. I’m so f*cking over it, etc. Unsolicited hug. Take a bath, Adam.

It all started with the B-boy. We were all talking about the costumes the Moldys wore, and what each one was… then Adam came out and B-boy was like, “ask him- he’s nice to his fans.” Then Adam came over and tried to give a hug, but it was more like, “Dude- what are you doing?”

There was some blabber about the Campus Diner and how Adam loves “that shit” because it’s like a “downgraded Planet Hollywood.” This was because the B-boy we were talking to was all mockingly asking, “Hey where’s the afterparty?” and Adam was like “We never have an afterparty.” Then someone was like, “we’re having one at the campus diner.” That’s when Adam stumbled all around the group and starting spewing out how he and his friend always used to go in and eat there… Everyone was like.. Ok. Uh…??

Adam was Rainbow Bright tonight. At one point, he ripped open his vest and exposed his nipples. I was horrified.

Kimya made a funny joke by saying “Some skinny pretty girl who sings about socialism.” You had to be there.

In other weirdness. That kid, Gordon James Levitt or whatever it is from Third Rock from the Sun was at the show fucking DANCING LIKE A MANIAC in the front during Bedroom .. uh.. whatever that band was. Everyone was like, “What’s up with the pajama pants?”

R.G. was there too… with a girl I’ll call “collagin lips.” It was like that chick I saw at the Coldplay show last night. Weiiiiirddd.

Jennifer from work came to the show! Yay! And my feet still hurt from last night. Ouch.

Today’s general feeling? Weirdness.

Today’s lesson? You worship the exotic, downplay the familiar.