Coldplay at Irving Plaza Night 2: So Awesome

CP fucking rocked tonight.

As soon as Chris acknowledged they were crap last night, it was all good.

Chris sang part of that Crash Test Dummies song as intro to “Yellow.”… another “one hit wonder.” Aw.

Still no “Idiot.” Jonny said they’re still “working on it.”

Aww.. I saw “Idiot” at Brixton!

List set change- No “See You Soon.” Instead “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

JJ72 loved my new digicam.
Their manager has the same one (got it the day before yesterday).

Jenn asked everyone if she could “totally hug” them. Mark from JJ said, “to-tally.”

Jonny was less than enthusiastic about the Strokes. So was Chris.

Guy went out the front… disguised in a different jacket. Bizarre. Guy Berryman, you’re totally whipped.

Chris started signing Guy’s name because he wasn’t there.

Yay CP.

I totally heart Jonny.

I told Jen I’d “fucking kill” her if she dropped my camera. Johnny laughed.

Chris looks adorable in my pic. So does Johnny. Aw.

Got sexy poster of CP… got a free Strokes Fader… Yelled at some people going into the bar… drank a bottle of tasty sexy Irving Plaza water in 5 seconds flat.


The MPs tomorrow.

In other news, my Digital Journalism prof took us out for tapas and drinks today instead of class. So fucking awesome. Fun was had.

Comp messed up, can’t install software. Otherwise you’d be salivating over lovely sexy Coldplay pictures (really sexy ones of Chris Martin) right now. Sorry. Keep the drooling for later. I’m gonna go drool over my Chris pic and my Jonny pic.