Coldplay at Irving Plaza Night 1

My damn digicam was all wack.

I saw Melissa. The crowd was wack. People were shushing each other. It was as if these people had never heard of Coldplay or something.

Jenn stole my word and said, “Will, you were stylin’.”

I was yelling at Guy Berryman like 10 minutes ago. I told him “You need to cut your hair!” He was like, “No.” I was like, “Yes. It’s out of control!” He was like “No, it’s under control.” I was like, “No, it’s not. I was watching the show, thinking ‘that hair is out of control!'” (Here’s where I resisted the urge to scream, “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? A STROKE?!?!”) He was like, “That’s just mean.” I was like, “Oh well.” Then some girl was like, I like your hair the way it is. I said, “Kiss up! She’s kissing up to you.”

I told Will, “You fucking rocked.” He laughed. But I really wanted to say “You were stylin’,” but I couldn’t because Jenn had already said it. And she didn’t even SEE Will. I was like “Oh, sorry-” and then I pointed to these two 15 year old boys and was like, “Dude- these kids are 15!” Jonny was like, “WooHO!!”

I made the 15 year old boys hug each other. They looked at each other all weird and were like… uh.. but they did it. One of them reminded me of a mini James Walsh. They’re gonna try to go to the Starsailor show, but it’s 18+. Awww! Remember when I couldn’t get into 18+ shows? Jesus.. I was like… 17! Ahah. I told them that I was definitely not as cool as they are when I was 15. They were like you’re weird.

I told someone to “simma,” and Jonny was like “Simma.” I was like, “Simma downa. Yeah, that’s my word.” He was like, “That was my word when I was 11.” I was like, “now you’re just lying. You’re such a liar.” He was like, “No.” I was like, “Liar.”

Chris Martin was attacked by a gaggle of girls.

Chris was like, there’s my brother- “Which one,” Jenn asked. “The one in the black shirt.” “What’s his name?” “Alex.” “HI ALEX,” 10 girls chimed back. Alex doesn’t look anything like Chris. Jonny’s “brother,” Dan, on the other hand is damn cute.

The show was OK. It was totally anti-climatic. I kept thinking, “Oh I miss Travis. Oh I miss The.. The.. Strokes,” throughout the whole show. BAaaaaad. Totally weird and tame crowd. TOTALLY WEIRD.

I don’t know… I just need to get into Coldplay mode. I think I’ll be way more into it tomorrow. Awww.. Coldplay. My favorite member of Coldplay today is…..Jonny. Or maybe Will…. I don’ t know. Probably Jonny.

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