I Spy Adam Green

50 minutes ago I saw Adam Green standing by the Astor Place 6 Uptown station. I had just come up from the 6 Downtown and crossed the street. I saw Adam and was like, “Oh, it’s Adam Green,” I walked by and didn’t say anything because he was with someone. I stopped for a second, turned around and confirmed that I had just indeed seen Adam. I kept on walking, laughing to myself on the way home.

Tan blazer. Jeans. Blue LL Bean backpack. Gaping mouth. Signature look.

Oh, and I don’t want to marry him anymore
. My lack of enthusiasm upon seeing him signaled that to me. I was more concerned about 1. Telling Jenn I’d seen him and 2. Still looking out for Michael Pitt.

Upon arrival at home, I asked myself, “Why didn’t you care more that you’d just seen Adam Green?” And I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to have any thing to do with these people out of context. Like out of the concert realm. Like it’s cool to see them at shows and say “hey- good job,” but when I see them like randomly, it’s like a violation of my “real” life. I don’t know. I was just thrown off by the whole thing.

I’ll tell him on Thursday that I saw him but didn’t say hi.