Get Over It: Jack and Meg White Were Never Married

Dude… the intro to the Leno program said, “Musically acclaimed singer… Ryan Adams.” *Snort*

Ewan. On. Leno. Tomorrow. ::breathes::

Rerun of The Strokes on Conan December 10.

Can we finally bury the hatchet on this are they, aren’t they business about Jack and Meg? THEY AREN’T. THEY’RE NOT. THEY WERE. Why did they do it?, you may ask? According to this Age interview, “According to Jack, they invented their alternate history ‘when a journalist we didn’t like started saying stuff about us and we decided to make them look stupid’.” It’s a pretty good article.

And in a nod to *The* Neil Vickers, let’s give a shout out to Martin Amis!