I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This…Charlotte Church Rocks…and Other Random Stuff

From Indiana… it’s the Albert Hammond Jr. show!

The quizzes on Acting Straight weren’t nearly as funny or good as they should have been. I’ll stick to eMode and The Spark, thank you very much.

Dear lord. I never thought I’d say it, but Charlotte Church freaking ROCKS! Read:

The first to feel the force of Charlotte’s acid tongue was former mop-topper Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. Asked about the World Trade Center attacks, Charlie told Metro: “There was Paul McCartney saying: ‘I witnessed the crash’. Who cares? Thousands witnessed it.”

And poor old Britney Spears didn’t escape her remarks either. Although Charlotte admitted that she thought Britney was “great” she also said: “There is a contradiction in the way she says she is going to keep her virginity and then sings ‘I’m A Slave For U’.”

Congrats to Sigur Ros for winning the $10,000 prize for the worst named award ever, the US Shortlist Music Prize. “Mercury Prize” has such a better ring to it.

Oh, and who else thinks Ryan Adams broke his right hand while he while trying to dislodge the big stick up his … ahem?

Look, it’s Eddie. And Cate, lovely as always.

Kate and Sam Mendes. Yow!

Heathrow, I miss you so much. Go ahead, add a terminal… will they have to make up new tube stop maps to include T5?

Hurry up, you can still enter this contest to write a caption for everyone’s favorite Presidential turkey treat!

And is it me, or is Reuters getting racy with its practically hard-core porn pictures? Just ’cause it’s old doesn’t mean it’s still not porn!