The Strokes, Chris Klein, and Kylie…Obviously

I did some transcribing at work today. Chris Klein (you know, the one with the “man breasts”) is such a dummy. I can’t divulge what the contents of the interview were but all’s I’m saying is that he must really like cookies. It’s the only question he found interesting, saying “Oh… wow. That’s a great question. There are so many great cookies out there.” Yeah. Inside of head status: just as empty as we thought.

In other news… Betty hooked me up with a review of the Pittsburgh show written by her friend. Ol’ Johnny Boy is less than enthusiastic about The Ol’ Stroke-ies. Notice how it’s “all about the music” but not really.

In related news, why does my school newspaper’s website look crap next to CMU’s and my friend Neal’s school, Temple? Where is Neal these days? Neal? Where are you?

But back to friends and pop/rock stars- Helena, who I worked with this summer, wrote about Incubus for

But back to The Strokes- NME has something to say about the Detroit show– Mista Ken Taylor seems to be all about the mighty mighty poptones- ranking on The White Stripes in favor of exhaltation of the New York Gang of Five.

Ah Kylie. Queen of all things pop.

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